Unlock your company's collective knowledge.

A unified hub for all your people, tools, and knowledge.

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It's time to rethink knowledge management from the ground up.

Company know-how is scattered across hundreds of apps

Finding information inside the company takes ages

No way to discover and stay updated with what other teams are working on

Documentation that's impossible to keep organized

No single source of truth for internal knowledge

Documentation that's stale, duplicate, or without owners

Introducing Dashworks

Your company's single source of truth for everything.

Automate knowledge management

Connect all your applications like Slack, Google Drive, and Salesforce to Dashworks within seconds and instantly create an intelligent source of truth for your entire company.

Empower everyone with the information they need

Transform how your team finds, discovers, and learns from your company's knowledge, and accelerate their onboarding.

Break organizational silos

Align all functions in your company on a single view of your customers, projects, playbooks, teams, policies, and everything else.

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